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Attic Insulation for Dallas Homes

Upgrading your attic insulation system is one of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Spray polyurethane foam is the perfect choice for new installations, retrofits, weatherization and air sealing in both vented and unvented attics.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program estimates you could save up to 20% on your monthly energy bill by sealing cracks and air gaps around your home, many of which are commonly found in attics.

A leaky attic wastes more than just heating and cooling energy, too; it wastes a lot of your money.

Dallas Spray Foam Insulation’s experienced technicians can replace inferior or aging insulation with more efficient SPF or upgrade your current attic insulation system by sealing up gaps around leaky ductwork, stud joinery, flues and fixtures.

We know that no two homes are exactly alike, and Texas homeowners need customized attic insulation solutions that work for them. We’ll work with you to develop the best attic insulation plan for your home.

Spray polyurethane foam is the perfect choice for attic insulation in Dallas.

The attic is where the interior and exterior of a house meet in a maze of joints, sharp roof angles, and hidden seams. Add into the fray the HVAC ducts, vents and electrical wires running down into the living spaces and piercing the building’s exterior sheathing, and properly insulating an attic quickly becomes a challenge.

Spray polyurethane foam is designed to fill and seal the hard-to-reach joints, seams and cracks that other insulation materials can’t. Unlike other materials, SPF is self-adhesive, sprays directly in place and doesn’t settle over time.

SPF doesn’t settle or sag like other insulation materials either, so you don’t have to worry about pockets of uneven coverage appearing over time. It can used to completely replace your current attic insulation, or added to as an additional layer of protection.

Because it expands to up to thirty times the volume of its component liquids, spray foam is the ideal choice for filling the irregular seams around the obstacles commonly found in attics, like:

  • Attic hatches

  • Behind attic knee walls

  • Wiring holes

  • Plumbing vents

  • Nail holes in roof decks

  • Open exterior soffits

  • Recessed lights, furnace flues or around HVAC ducts

Heated air rises to the attic in the winter, and during hot Dallas summers the space just beneath your roof receives the brunt of the sun, so a performance attic insulation installation is critical for year-round energy efficiency.

Spray polyurethane foam has an average R-value of up to 6.5, making it among the best insulators available on the market. SPF is also an excellent moisture barrier, so it’s well suited for use beneath roofs to prevent moisture accumulation that can cause mildew and mold growth.

Newly Installed Attic Insulation Dallas
New Attic Insulation Dallas TX
New Attic Insulation Dallas, Texas
New Installed Attic Insulation Dallas

The best choice for vented attics.

If you have a vented attic that’s been left outside the sealed thermal envelope of the building, you might think you don’t need to worry about leaks. However, chances are you’re losing a lot of conditioned air through a poor seal between your living space and the air in the attic.

The joints at the attic top plate and around attic hatches are often left improperly finished by drywalling teams, which means that warm air may be leaking undetected into your unconditioned attic during the cold months.

Most people know about the dangers of letting warm air escape during the winter, but during the summer months in Dallas, an improperly insulated attic can be just as bad for your utility bills.

Because the air accumulating beneath your roof is often much hotter than the atmosphere outside, leaks like these between your home’s living space and your attic can be even worse than leaving a whole window open! Dallas Spray Foam Insulation can help you find and fill these often-invisible gaps to keep your hard-earned dollars from leaking out of a poorly sealed vented attic.

Unvented (conditioned) attics

If you’re designing a new home, or you’d like to convert your current attic to living or storage space, using spray foam insulation as a key component to your attic conditioning system can lead to significant savings in energy usage.

Architects commonly place HVAC systems in attics to save space, but if the attic is vented to the outdoors, this means that all the conditioned air moving through those ducts is constantly exposed to outdoor temperatures. This requires your HVAC system to work harder in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

By retrofitting your current attic insulation system with spray polyurethane foam, you can decrease the load on your HVAC system while simultaneously creating more usable space for your house.

SPF is a great choice for insulating behind knee walls and drop ceilings in finished attics, but it can also be applied directly beneath roof decking and between roof joists to bring your attic into your home’s thermal envelope.

For new construction, designing your home with a conditioned attic insulated with spray polyurethane foam can allow you to reduce the size of your HVAC system by up to 35%, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars before your home ever faces its first season in Dallas.

Go green and save money this season with new attic insulation

Choosing to properly insulate your attic with an experienced spray foam insulation contractor like us is an important step toward safely reducing your energy bill’s impact both on the environment and your wallet. When you’re ready to invest in the future of your home with a quality attic insulation system, we hope you’ll trust our proven reputation and expertise.