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We specialize in Residential & Commercial installation of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation for New Construction, Pole Barns, Metal Buildings, Attics and much more. Serving all DFW including Irving, Arlington, Plano, Garland, Dallas and Fort Worth.

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As the leading home and commercial spray foam insulation experts in the Dallas, Texas area, we know that quality insulation is vital to the comfort of people in every kind of building, so we only install the very best products to suit your needs.

Dallas Spray Foam Insulation is fully licensed and insured. Most importantly, we’re backed by our reputation for providing best-in-industry work for countless satisfied customers.

We stand behind spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF) as the best choice for residential and commercial installations in the state of Texas. Here’s why.

  • Seals small cracks and seams other materials can’t

  • Impedes the entry of insects and pests

  • Reduces strain on HVAC systems

  • Acts as air, moisture and vapor barrier all in one product

  • Increases control over temperature of home

  • Reduces condensation and mold growth

  • Long life due to rigid structure that resists settling

  • Can qualify you for energy tax credits, green certification and utility rebates

Spray Foam Insulation Installation Dallas

Why is weatherization important?

If you had a choice, would you pay to heat your yard? Air escaping through poorly insulated walls and ceilings or unsealed cracks can waste a staggering 40% of heating and cooling energy in homes year-round.

Dallas homeowners who choose to upgrade aging residential insulation with a spray foam installation can benefit from year-round energy savings. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program estimates you could save up to 20% on your monthly energy bill by sealing cracks and air gaps around your home.

Even the best insulation materials are ineffective if not installed properly. Let Dallas Spray Foam Insulation find and fix the unseen leaks in your home that are costing you money every day.

What is spray foam insulation?

An increasingly popular choice in the Dallas area, spray foam insulation is a self-adhesive, rigid plastic insulation material with a very high R-value, which makes it an extremely good insulator.

It’s formed by mixing pressurized chemicals that are sprayed directly into place to fill interior and exterior wall cavities, attic ceiling plates, seams and virtually every other hard-to-reach air gap that other insulation materials can’t.

Because spray foam insulation is a chemical mixture, it can be customized to meet local code requirements for properties like fire retardancy, moisture resistance, and final R-value. The two major types are open-cell and closed-cell foam. Each performs best in specific applications, but both are excellent choices for all kinds of Dallas weather.

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Open-cell Spray Foam Insulation Dallas
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SPF insulation creates better air quality.

Spray foam is designed to set quickly once the liquid components are mixed and sprayed onto the application surface. Once the reaction is complete and the material sets, the material is inert, meaning there is no off-gassing of harmful chemicals.

It’s also highly resistant to black mold growth, making it a perfect candidate for use in damp environments like bathrooms and crawl spaces exposed to the humidity in Dallas, Texas.

Spray foam insulation is a green choice.

For those concerned with protecting the quality of our environment, spray polyurethane foam is an easy choice. Combined with improper insulation installation, inferior insulation materials and untreated air gaps can waste up to 40% of the energy used to heat and cool the average home.

Because spray foam insulation is so good at sealing those otherwise unprotected air gaps in your home and carries one of the highest R-values of any material available, you’ll use much less energy after upgrading to SPF.

Ready to start saving on your energy bills?

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Superior thermal resistance

All types of insulation approved for residential and commercial installation have a number called the “R-value”: a measure of how well the material resists the transfer of heat. In general, a higher R-value is better.

However, some insulations do not perform consistently throughout their lifespan due to a number of factors that spray foam insulation avoids.

Loose-fill insulations tend to settle and compress over time. This forces out the pockets of air inside them, resulting in a loss of R-value. Other insulations lose their thermal resistance when they get wet, too. Not so for spray foam insulation.

The average R-value for open cell spray polyurethane foams (ocSPF) is around 3.5, and around 6.5 for closed cell spray foams (ccSPF). Because it keeps its rigid shape and is highly resistant to moisture, you can be confident your spray foam insulation will perform consistently throughout the lifespan of your home.

Tax incentives for commercial and residential insulation installations

Spray foam insulation is such an effective insulator that it may qualify your home or business for commercial or residential tax breaks and incentives.

The federal government, the state of Texas, and some municipalities may reward you for choosing to weatherize your current home or design a new home with an efficient insulation system installed by a licensed insulation contractor.

You can check what incentives are available in your area at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency, a free resource for home and business owners. Alternatively, check with your tax representative to make sure you’re not missing out on substantial tax credits for your green insulation investment.

Highly Versatile Application

Though spray polyurethane foams are highly customizable, they all share one key characteristic that makes SPF the best choice for so many home and business owners in Dallas: the unique ability to go virtually anywhere.

Because it’s self adhesive and applied in a pressurized stream that expands on contact, Boston Spray Foam Insulation can seal all the leaky seams, cracks and hidden air-gaps under eaves, in attic ceiling plates, around windows, flues and fixtures that other insulation methods just can’t.

Spray foam is the perfect choice for spots like:

  • Between framed studs

  • Attic hatches

  • Behind attic knee walls

  • Wiring holes

  • Plumbing vents

  • Open exterior soffits

  • Recessed lights, furnace flues or around HVAC ducts

  • Basement rim joists, windows and doors

Take advantage of the best spray foam insulation Dallas has to offer.

How is spray foam insulation installed?

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When applied by an experienced and properly certified insulation contractor, SPF installation is almost an art form. The process differs slightly for the two types of applications, low- and high-pressure, but each consists of the same basic steps.

Low-pressure applications (generally below 250 PSI) are often used for smaller application areas in residential insulation installations and require less equipment.

High-pressure systems are used for larger areas in both interior or exterior commercial installation and require a rig, usually mounted on a truck, that draws from 55-gallon drums containing the component liquid chemicals.

In either case, the chemicals which combine to form polyurethane foam are kept separate in two different containers, called the A-side and B-side of the chemical reaction, until they are pressurized and sprayed together out of a nozzle directly onto the application surface in an overlapping pattern by a trained technician wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.

Residential Spray Foam Insulation Installation Dallas TX
Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Installation Dallas TX

The material flows into cracks, joints and seams and quickly expands up to thirty times its size, ensuring there are no remaining gaps.

This process can take place in nearly all temperature conditions. Even if you forgot to fix that leaky attic or drafty bedroom window in the spring, SPF can still be installed, no matter what the weather is doing in Dallas.

While spray foam insulation is safe and chemically inert once it sets, homeowners may need to leave their home for a few hours or overnight while the insulated area is ventilated and cured. We’ll work with you to create a safety plan that gets you into your newly sealed home as quickly as possible.

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Residential Spray Foam Insulation Dallas
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Open cell and closed cell spray foam: which kind do I need?

There are two main types of spray polyurethane foam: open cell and closed cell. The difference lies in the way bubbles are formed in the plastic during the reaction of the chemicals that create the foam. Both are well suited to use in Dallas climates, but are designed for different applications.

Closed Cell Foam Insulation

Closed cell polyurethane foam (ccSPF) is typically used in commercial installations and exterior residential installations due to its excellent water resistance and low vapor permeability, as well as its rigidity and its superb insulation capability. The average R-value of closed-cell spray foam insulation is around 6.5, making ccSPF among the very best insulators available.

The structural strength and water resistance of ccSPF makes it an excellent choice for low-slope commercial roofs. When paired with a UV resistant coating, the light-weight, rigid structure of the foam will provide dependable protection for decades through all kinds of Texas weather. Because it’s self-adhesive, spray foam roofs even eliminate the thermal bridging caused by roofing nails or adhesives used in other forms of exterior insulation.

Closed-cell Spray Foam Insulation Dallas TX

In residential applications, closed-cell foam is equally effective in exterior installations due to its superior performance when in direct contact with water. It’s especially valuable used around exterior ducts, chimneys and flues, as well as under roof flashing and exposed soffits.

Exterior usage of closed cell spray foam insulation also increases the resiliency of your home against seasonally harsh weather conditions in Dallas, Texas.

Because ccSPF is such an effective air and moisture barrier, when it’s used to seal air gaps beneath eaves and roofing joints it reduces the ability of wind to uplift roof decks and shuts out driving rain from attic insulation and crawl spaces.

Though it is well-suited to exterior applications, ccSPF has advantages when used for interior installations as well. Unlike other kinds of insulation, closed cell spray polyurethane foam forms a monolithic, continuous material that increases the structural stability of interior walls and acts as a sound dampener.

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Open Cell Foam Insulation

In comparison, open-cell foam is about half as dense, with an average R-value of around 3.5. This makes it softer and spongier, providing a higher yield and reduced cost per cubic foot of coverage.

It’s also much more vapor-permeable, which means it allows humid indoor air to travel at a controlled rate to the outside atmosphere. This allows moisture to escape that might otherwise condense inside to form mold during humid Texas summers, while preventing heat transfer to the roof that could otherwise cause ice dams during the freeze-thaw cycles of Dallas winters.

Due to its softer nature, open cell spray foam is an excellent sound dampener, making it a great choice between rooms for increased privacy and for homes exposed to large amounts of road noise. Because it’s more pliable than closed cell foam, it’s also ideal for use in areas of homes likely to see future renovation or installation of electrical wiring, ductwork or plumbing.

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Experience you can trust.

If you want to have an energy efficient and air tight home, you have to choose the right insulation and air sealing system for your needs. Even more importantly, you need to know your home insulation is properly applied.

You can trust Dallas Spray Foam Insulation’s experienced team of residential and commercial insulation contractors to do the job right, the first time. Our understanding of the principles of heat, air and moisture flow is backed up by years of experience in the construction industry.

Whether you’re a Dallas homeowner who needs to upgrade your home with a residential spray foam installation or a business owner ready to save big on your commercial energy bill, you can trust Dallas Spray Foam Insulation for a successful application every time.